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Originally Posted by The Griz
OMFG Lukas, seriously. You're not reading what I'm posting. You're the classic case of someone who constantly talks but doesn't listen.... always thinking about what you're going to say next instead of listening to what the person in front of you is actually saying.

I have NEVER said that I EVER want to achieve 14.7:1 at all times under all throttle positions and under all loads and conditions. We all "shoot for" 14.7:1 is all I was saying. So yes, we've been through this. You're the one who's not getting it.

Mods, please nuke this thread.
You are so full of it and still don't see it. Nobody except you (and the manufacturers for emissions reasons) is aiming for 14.7.

Because, again, what you said below is BS:

Originally Posted by The Griz
And btw, 14.7:1 is completely safe. In fact, contradicting such a fact would be disagreeing with decades of hard scientific evidence regarding the internal combustion engine!

Originally Posted by ride2little
so, with all of this back and forth there a solution?

IMO, open up the exhaust, the intake doesn't appear to be a restriction and a re-map to enrichen it up a bit.

In summary.
Exhaust can
header (optional)
Power Commander (or equivalent)


Thats a good plan. The key here is the PC to richen up the mixture if you open up intake and exhaust.
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