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Originally Posted by LukasM
You are so full of it and still don't see it. Nobody except you (and the manufacturers for emissions reasons) is aiming for 14.7.
I have to post it again I guess:

I have NEVER said that I EVER want to achieve 14.7:1 at all times under all throttle positions and under all loads and conditions. We all "shoot for" 14.7:1 is all I was saying. So yes, we've been through this.

Did you hear this time?

14.7:1 is completely safe: on an engine running at a constant RPM under constant atmospheric conditions and loads. I never said that it is safe for a motorcycle at all times under all loads and conditions. I said it's what we "shoot for".

And, yes, contradicting the 14.7:1 stoichiometric ratio is going against 80+ years of hard scientific evidence.

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