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Originally Posted by x_hog_ridr
You don't visit this place much, but you have over 2000 posts?
I visit all of the time and I guess I do not have much to say...
I just dont visit Face Plant much. It scares me.

Originally Posted by rspennac
I really had to look hard for the abrasion in the pictures, they look unscathed. I orginally spent $50 on my gloves. Next time I upgrade, probably soon might be to the ones you have.
My right hand knuckles hit the pavement first so thats where the abrasion comes from. Last week I did a superman and slid on the pavement hands first, palms down, for about 60 feet, and the gloves are still fine. The road was wet though so I'm sure that helped.

Originally Posted by bwolfgti
Crazy the gear held up that good. Glad you didn't get hurt really. I can just picture you laying there and then opening one eye to see if you are ok. I just find that funny.
Actually, when I first cracked an eye open, my first sight was of the two guys from the truck, standing over me making the sign of the cross over and over. I said, "not so fast fellas, I'm still here." They really freaked out when I laughed, jumped up and started walking around.

A little bit about the gear. Its all Motoport. Motoport is near my home, so I just made an appointment, went down to the shop, got measured and ordered up the stuff. I'm in the middle of 2 year motorcycle trip so having good gear was very important to me. Screw the new fancy exhaust pipe or other bling for your bike. Save the money and buy good riding gear.

The jacket is kevlar mesh with quad armor. (elbows, shoulders, back, ribs) This is not the poly mesh that melts to your skin. With the quad armor, its heavy, its bulky, but flows air like a champ and had kept me from getting busted up in numerous crashes. The quad armor is good stuff from my experiences.

Pants are Motoport stretch kevlar street jeans, with quad armor (knees, front and rear thighs, hips) as well. The stretch kevlar is not a tough as the mesh kevlar, but I wear this stuff 12 hours a day and I need to be able to walk around in the pants.

Gloves are Motoport stretch Kevlar. They are not comfortable at first until you get them broken in and wash them a few times. However, they flow air well and are tough as nails.

Boots. I always wear Motocross boots. Nothing else even comes close to giving the same level of protection.

I know a lot of folks prefer leather. However it is my belief that the current kevlar material is much tougher than leather. JMHO.

All that said, I grew up riding dirt bikes and I grew up wearing full off-road gear and crashing the shit out of every motorcycle I got my hands on. I actually broke my CR 125 Elsinore in half when I blew a jump and threw it into a tree. I'm hard on the equipment. I'm used to wearing full protective gear. Without it, I feel naked. If you typically ride around in jeans, hiking boots, and a flimsy poly mesh jacket, at first you wont like wearing real gear. But, you will eventually get used to it and after a while, you wont get on a bike without suiting up.
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