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Thanks for all your replies

So I charged my bike up overnight again (i needed to get somewhere) and it was all good.
The wierd thing is I found out that riding in 3rd gear around 4000 rpm the voltmeter shows a nice 14volts. 2nd gear will only sometimes go over 13volts at 4000rpm. So i guess maybe I just needed to push the bike a little more. Shouldnt the bike charge the same based on rpm not on different gears? Im a complete novice to the motorycle/mechanical world.
For the battery to be charging where should the voltmeter read?

Im going to get a new battery for sure, and hopefully I can have a look at the brushes as well....

After cranking the bike to start it, it'll probably take somewhere around 10-20 minutes at medium to high revs to put the charge back in, so if you are doing a lot of short runs, re-starting often or riding at low revs the battery will not have a chance to charge & eventually won't start the bike.
10-20 mins for each start up? If youre doing a lot of inner city travel/lots of stops how do you guys compensate for the loss of battery power?
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