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After spending all day on the bike trying to figure out what was wrong, we have come to the conclusion that everything (except the battery) is in working order. We checked the brushes, made sure that the coil was good and nothing was shorting, that that thing that changes AC to DC (cant remember what that was called) was working properly. Also, tested the bike with the new battery we found it to be charging. With a voltemter at the battery terminals it would slowly climb to 13volts and above with a max of 14.

Though when we tested the bike with the lights on, even with revving the light did not get brighter. (isnt the light supposed to get slightly brighter when you increase RPM? does your bike do this?)

The consensus of the mechanic who checked much of the bike was that the bike was fine and charging as it should.

Anyways, even with a working battery the little voltmeter on the dashboard shows it to be at 11v when idling. Why then did it show 13v right after charging the old battery up? The only thing I can think of to explain what the voltmeter on the dashboard is telling me when I ride is that it isnt working right. (dont think it came with the origional bmw but was replaced sometime with a cheap one).

Having said all this, should I be worried? Is there something we missed?
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