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Memorial Day weekend ride Report to TheTree House ...

Friday we headed out to see a few riding friends and to check out,

The Huge Tree House that is in Crossville TN.

We left early after chores so we could beat the storms that brew in the afternoons…

WE arrived on the west side of Knoxville well before a storm hit..
It was nice to ride in sunshine for once.

Our buddies rolled in most of that afternoon.. About 28 Valkyries plus an ST~ KLR~ BMW a Wing and a Harley..

We headed to eat some supper … The second time I was ever in a Ruby Tuesdays..

We had 3 small tables plus our huge table…

Back at the motel for some tire kicking.. And winter stories.

Ah Saturday morning waiting for a few locals that didn’t spend the night..
Ya just never know where a BWDR will turn up..

We stopped at Norris dam ...

Always time for tire kicking ...

Then it was off to ride some more cool twisty roads.

Wow we rode the Devils Triangle in TN 116/330/62 All I can say is dang !!
What a great road…
You pass the Bushy Mountain Prison (now closed down)
It was a good time for a group photo.

Ah also a good time for photo op.. BWDR & RDV represented

After that it was head to Crossville to the TreeHouse..

Once you get on the gravel road you can start to see the treehouse very cool…

Even scraps are used..

It was a very cool thing... I have heard so many stories about it..

It has 8 stories and none level… No nails in the tree as well…

They still hold Sunday services there …

A cool swing…

When you get to the top of the treehouse you look outside at the garden and hey it spells something ..

Then it was back to the motel for more tire kicking
Thumper is real proud of his shirt..

Highbinder telling a good joke..That he heard while at the RDV...

It was a good weekend ….
Great roads.. Good conversions..
Plus the weather did hold while we rode all day Saturday...
Here’s a link to more photos…
More Photos .. They all have a little blurb with them
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