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Originally Posted by kalonji
Traditionally, the tag location is revealed with the grab. If you don't post within the time frame (6 hrs) then the previous poster/grabber puts up a NEW tag.

Thus the current tag wouldn't be the tower but what but whatever Frenchy decided to post. Basically the game is on hold until a new tag is put up.

Now that is how the statewide game is played. I read the rules and that's what they mean to me if you upstaters are doin' it differently sorry to meddle in your affairs.
Sort of yes, at least that is the way it has been run. BUT, does French have to put up a NEW tag or just use the one that is out there now and make someone go get it (true, no real challenge but it really wasn't that difficult to figure out anyway).

I don't think the rules says WHAT HAS TO BE DONE, just that the tag is reverted back to the original owner. In the past when the tag goes back to the original owner, it is there tag, kind of gives some wiggle room if you ask me (especially if French doesn't have any file photos ready), after all, it is only a game.
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