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Tool Tray

Zebedee, keyless sounds good. I often seem to get all saddled up with gloves and everything on to only find my key is deep down inside my pocket.

I'll need to make up some kind of custom seat since the stock GS seat doesn't fit with the frame gussets I added, and also, the shape of the HPN and R65 tanks I have are considerably different from the stock GS tank.

To get some ideas I made this seat mock-up from thin cardboard.

There was a lot of unused space below the seat top, so I thought it would be a good place to store some tools and spare parts. I made up this model to size up a large tool tray.

My idea was for the seat pan to mount on the top of the tool tray. The HPN and R65 tanks are different lengths, so I would need a design that would allow the seat to be used with both. I decided that the tray would stay fixed to the frame, and the pan would have front to back adjustment. Here is the pan mock-up on the tray. The marks in the back show the pan position with the two tanks.

I spent a lot of time measuring the profile of the tanks and cutting and fitting the pan to get a shape and position that I thought looked good. Here's how it fits to the the R65 and HPN tanks.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to replace the R65 tank adapter I had made with a mount welded directly to the frame. I made up this template for a mount that could be used for both the R65 tank and the tool tray. The front of the tool tray will have a bracket welded on that sticks out and bolts to this frame mount. The bracket on the tank and the bracket on the tray will stack together and then bolt to the frame with two bolts.

Here's the bracket cut out and bent. It will get some threaded bungs welded on after it is welded to the frame.

When I got the 1/16 aluminum stock for the dash I got enough for the tool tray also. I cut the panels then bent the bottom panel on a sheet metal brake. With a bit of filling the side panels were even and mated to the bottom with a good fit.

Here's the bottom panel in position. I left some extra on the front to be trimmed while fitting the front panel.

I used this card stock template to get the geometry of a cut out that would be needed to clear the frame.

Here's the tray taped together for a final check before welding.

To weld the panel edges square I used this piece of angled scrap. The vice-grip is set as a stop to register the panel in position.

The panel is set in position.

Then some tack welds.

And tack the other edges.

Then the final welds.

I trimmed the extra off the top of the panels, then used a disc sander to get the top of all the panels even. This shows how the tray fits into the frame and its position with respect to the tank mount, which is welded to the frame here.

Here's the tray so far.

I put in a lot of detail in this write-up, and the piece isn't even finished... I still need to make the two small panels to seal the frame cut-outs, make up the front and rear mounts, and make up a mounting system for the seat pan.

After the tray is done then I can start on the seat pan then move on to the seat pad and cover. I've been gathering up seat design info for the next steps. I found some good info here

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