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Wicked Spot on!

Originally Posted by mousitsas
I would first see what I can do with the existing 950/990 engine before a transplant.
You can easily get 100hp on the back wheel on this engine. There is a member here claiming 130hp on his SE (powercell). I also think that 150bhp is not what this frame, suspension, swingarm etc are made for. Just have a look at how different the swingarms between the 950 and RC8 are.
Anyway, all i am trying to say, is that a pair of FCR carbs plus a well sorted exhaust system and fueling will be more fun, more useful and cheaper than going big.
I just put a pair of 39 FCR's on my bike and (while I'm still breaking it in) they f'n ROCK! That combined with the Aqualine tanks - I can go like a bat outta hell for twice as long as with the stock tanks. BTW - I am running Remus Ti cans too. I looked into the RC8 stuff while my engine was being rebuilt - and decided it was too top end oriented and cammy for an offroad bike. That's why I got the 39 FCR's and not the 41's. Pick yer poison for your riding style and environment...
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