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Smoke Hole Cave - Pendleton Co

As the crow flies, this one is not far from my grandparent's old farm. Too bad there's not a road through Smoke Hole to get here. You cannot get to the actual cave, since it is on private property that is posted "No Trespassing".

This was a joint tag with vatrader01, who's first contribution to this thread was Eagle Rock, located just a mile or two south. We've come full circle.

This marker was missing since before this project started (Nov '08) and was recently replaced.

From the Smoke Hole Website:

Cave or Cavern?
Is there a difference between a cave and a cavern? This is a frequently asked question, and many people use the terms interchangeably. However, there is a difference. A cave is any cavity in the ground that is large enough that some portion of it will not receive direct sunlight. There are many types of caves (discussed in this lesson plan). A cavern is a specific type of cave, naturally formed in soluble rock with the ability to grow speleothems. So, although a cavern can accurately be called a cave (since it is a type of cave), all caves cannot be called caverns.

For an interesting Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article:

Historical Marker located on CR 2 (AKA Smoke Hole Road) about 4 miles north of the junction with Rt 220 above Upper Tract.

Same Marker - Side #2

Vatrader01 (the person who doesn't look like a DOT road crew employee) and I taking in the breathtaking scenery.

This informative marker is next to the Historical Marker.

View northbound on Smoke Hole Road.

View southbound on Smoke Hole Road.
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