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Originally Posted by perrogordo
I have enjoyed your thread very much. Unbias reports are a much easier read.
What is the approx cost at each border crossing.
Which tires are you running?
Great pics..send more..
Is Tikal in your plans?

Las Vegas
Thanks guys! Glad your all enjoying it... I have more to post tonight after i get some food in me! And yes, we had to inflate the tire to 40PSI to get the damn stuberon bead to seat... Then we dropped him down to about 30PSI.

Border crossings in general are fairly cheap, my most expensive sofar was Mexico... Generally your looking at a max of $30 USD mostly for paperwork and entry fee's. Guatemala, Honduras, El Savlador and Nicarauga are part of the CA-4 union where it doesnt cost anything to travel through these borders into another CA-4 Country. however you may still pay fee's for importing your motorcycle.

The tires im running are the MEFO Explorer series, have 10,000KM on them sefar and still have another 5000 or so in them forsure. Great tire, good ride and good bike in the gravel and muck! Will put another set on forsure!

Tikal is in the plans! not tomorow but perhaps thursday! I'm in Rio Dulce, Guatemla right now, planning on Semac Champay and then Flores tomorow!


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