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I Love the smell of Blendzall in the morning....

Looks like something that came from the gulf coast and the BP disaster!! This is the rubber(?) piece that holds the oil lines in the to of the clutch cover. It was badly warped and hard as a rock. I heated it with a heat-gun and got it flat again. Tried JB weld to plug the holes as I took the oil pump off. Terrible mess!! On to "Plan B".

My neighbor volunteered a piece of thick rubber that he had in his junk drawer. A few tries and a couple of failures later, I was able to cut a good replacement with a single edge razor blade. JB weld on the back side to hold it in place as well as plugging the cable hole for the oil pump.

Never noticed this before and don't remember ever seeing any other cylinders marked like this. One more strange thing about this bike!!

Finally have all the parts I need to finish up assembling the motor. Everything coated with Blendzall and my hands smell wonderful!!
Got so stoned on the aroma, I forgot to take pictures of the brand new GYT piston and ring...

These were in my toolbox back in my U.S. Suzuki years. Actually they are as old as the bike!! Very fitting that they are being used on a bike of the same age!!

Can't remember the last time I used a dial indicator and buzz box to set timing...

Motor is back in the frame and now just the small stuff to take care of. Need to have a friend make me up a throttle cable. The tank is going to stay red until I run this thing a couple times. I will be trying to find someone to resurrect the original 1968 tank for show purposes.

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