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Day 42

I start the morning out with some breakfast at the attached Denny's restaurant only because its included with the price of the room (damned well best get something for that kind of money). A couple cold pancakes and an inattentive waiter make for a great experience. I make sure not to leave a tip, In fact I should have found one on anther table and stolen it.

The familiar drive along CA-1 towards the border crossing to Nicaragua take about 3 hours. I stop in Liberia for a coffee and muffin at a local spot where I meet a couple texans with nothing good to say about there time here and chat with a very nice (and gorgeous) young woman from Washington, DC who had been down here teaching English for the last 6 months, today was her last day in country before heading home.

After some good conversation and tips on where to go and what to see in Nicaragua i carry on to the border. If you recall our last trip through this crossing was a zoo that took nearly 3 hours, today however there are almost no lineups at all. I ride right in to the customs office now that I knew where everything was and cancel my CR import permit before heading down the road to CR Immigration to get stamped out of the country.

The Nicaraguan side is more complex but not by much. I ride in past all the Semi-trucks and get in line at immigration, pay my entry fee, get my stamp and start the process of importing the bike. As with exiting the country you need the signatures of the on duty Auduana agent and police officer as well as receipts for the payments you've made before you'll be given the precious piece of paper and sent on your way.

Looking back on Costa-Rica Immigration

NIcaraguan Customs, as I sit waiting for my importation permission...

Back in Nicaragua I make a beeline for Grenada. We stopped in briefly on our way south and it was a city that I felt I could have spent more time in. I would work out well, Arriving in town around 4pm the search for a hotel goes well with a $15 room at a local hostel nice and close to the town square. I find secure parking for the moto grab my camera and head out on the town for some photo's as the light fades to a perfect golden glow.

Isla de Ometepe, formed by two volcanoes in the middle of Lago Nicaragua.

Currious cow, caught me watering the grass...

Windmills windmills everywhere...

Ahhh, the glory that is Granada... Loved it here!

Colorfull, Colonial and Fun - Great city!

Even the locals are enjoying themselves!

A local church...

Statue in the central square at sunset...

Gazebo in the sqaure, a favorite local hangout...

I'm told they only turn it on for "real tourist season"

Ever since leaving Mexico the food has been downhill, its been good, just bland, missing flavor, so tonight when I walked past a fairly authentic looking Mexican restaurant my fate was sealed. I ask for the house speciality and get a plate stacked full of food, Chicken enchiladas, a stuffed chilli, re-fried beans, guacamole and salsa... When I get a chance to enjoy my dinner between begging kids and people selling all manor of things, its delicious, a welcome change from the normal!

After dinner I find a $3 haircut a the “special lady” (no joke) salon before heading back to the hostel...

Hostel cat says " I's sleeping, go away"...
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