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Day 43

I'm awake early this morning and ready to hit the road by 8am after I retrieve the bike from the secure parking area down the street. The plan today is to head to Leon but when I ask how long it should take I'm told that there are a lot of issues with the road after last week's tropical storm and they advise against going that way.

I decide that riding alone into a bad situation while sounding like a good time wasn't that smartest idea. I decide to had inland and cross to Honduras instead... I stop for a coffee and a Chocolate chip banana muffin at Euro Cafe just off the main square before heading out.


House on the hill..

Dramatic skys

I make good time on the familiar roads in the great weather and before noon I find myself in the town of Octal just outside the border. I stop at a little convenience shop at the side of the road and buy a nice cold bottle of coke for 2 Cordoba's or about 10 cents US. As I sit and drink I watch as a young boy, maybe ten or twelve years old walk up and rummage around in his pockets for some change with which he buys a cigarette and a piece of bread before running back across the street and into the bushes... Interesting...

the store in question...

I cross the border with a minimum of fuss, however was sent running back to the Nicaraguan side for photocopy's a few times since the copy shop on the Honduran side was out of order. With a couple new passport stamps and my wallet a little lighter I make my way towards the Honduran capital.

Border crossing might as well be a parking lot,,,

Stamps and paperwork... this way please...

The road is under heavy construction and riding a motorcycle is a definite plus as you can pass pretty well anywhere compared to a car or truck. I filter to the front of the lines when one lane sections appear and pass heavily loaded trucks on the steep uphill grades.

I roll into Tegucigalpa and find myself riding along a very familiar chunk of road dreading the idea of finding a hotel in this city (Remember Day 31?). I decide food was the first priority and I could deal with the hotel issue afterwards.

A decent hamburger in my stomach (did I mention I was tired of typical Central American food?) I exit the restaurant only to find a Honduran police officer looming over my bike. Shit! What did I do? Am I gonna get shaken down for another bribe?!

It turns out that Auner (his name) is just a bike fanatic who happens to own a KLR just down the road from here. He loves my bike with all the different modifications and has all sorts of questions for me about how the trip has been and how much this or that costs.

We chat for a little bit, my Spanish is bad, his English is no better but we manage. I ask Auner about a budget hotel in the area, He knows just the one, Hotel Granada, cheap but nice he says in broken English. I ask for directions but he just tells me to follow him, awesome! With a quick stop to show me his pristine KLR we blast through traffic to the other side of town and Hotel Granada. Auner goes inside and negotiates me the cop special, $15 down from $30 and give me his phone number in case I have any troubles with police or border officials during my stay in his country.

Auner enjoying a KLR with goodies...

With a couple photo's, a handshake and the URL for this ride report written in his ticket book we part ways... Great guy!

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