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Originally Posted by Greg Minor
If I had it to do all over again I would have kept the stock setup for street and built a new set of offroad wheel which I ended up doing anyway I have a 2.5/18 rear and a 1.6 front for my regular DP wheels and the 17/19 that I ran anakees on which caused the front end to tuck in the dirt I just bought a brand new set of BMW spec TKC's right before my accident that I was going to use for my ride to DV Daze but I never got the chance. The problem I had with the 17/19 setup was that if I was street riding I would alway seem to find a new offroad opportunity and the 19" wheel took all that nice handling away in the dirt. The 17" with the big 150/70/17 is a big tire. I think its a better set up than the 140/80/18 that is available. I'll bet it will last longer too. With the 21" wheel I would raise the fork tubes to accomadate the drop in height in the rear. I think someone has done this. I planned to test it but it will be several months before I can ride

I'm really beginning to think the 17/21 setup is going to be the way to go until we can get some decent 150 spec DOT knobbies in 18" (Karoos don't count as decent....I need tires that last more that 500 miles thanks).

I'm really not all that happy with the traction I'm getting off-raod with the conti 140...the wheel spins up pretty fast, and when pushing hard into corners, the bike will break-loose and "slide-in" a little too quickly--even when not under power. I don;t think it's the make/model of the tire at this point...I think it's just that with all of that weight and power, the 150 spec rear really is necessary to get enough contact with the ground.

I just don't think I'll be able to switch to a 17" rear any time soon...

Hmmm...If only I knew someone with a 950 that couldn't ride for a few months, I could possibly try the 17" setup...but alas....

Sooooo..anyway, has anyone heard if the romours about a 150-18 TCK80 has been validated anywhere yet?
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