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Originally Posted by dirtrider
I'm glad to see your having fun playing with your parts.

When the bearing went out in my transmission, I had to split the cases on my 01. I was constantly impressed with the quality and level of engineering of the LC4. Almost everything has a bearing instead of a cheap bushing, easy to work on, dual oil pumps, lightweight bolts, and more.
The way I look at it, for a factory to do this kind of hand work, there has to be justification... major justification. I would love to know the difference in CFM numbers before and after.
Somebody at KTM did this to a head, tossed it on a flow bench and said "holy crap!"... showed it to someone up the food chain who said "holy crap!"... and so it went until someone at the top said "thats going into production"... all in German of course.

Relatively small companies like KTM are good for this kind of "experimental today - production tomorrow" stuff. Fewer "suits", bean counters and red tape in the way of progress.
So... how's tricks?
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