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5-28-10....Day 3

Filled fuel in Reno.
Miles 309
Gallons: 3.36

We woke up early, pushed the bikes out and loaded them up then headed to Denney's for Breakfast.

A shot taken from the restaurant.

We fuel up and headed into the mountains south of Reno. The air was crisp and we were ready for adventure.

Alan and Mark descending a rocky hill.

Another couple snow shots taken up on top.

After some great riding we dropped back down out of the mountains and into a rocky canyon.

My Yellow Balaclava.

This Canyon was a blast!

Taken at the bottom of the canyon.

Hmmm...whats this out in the distance?

Well a 12 power zoom shows us this off in the Distance. It's the remains of the old Comstock Merger Mill, or the American Flats Mill. The Mill was a Cyanide Mill built to process gold and silver from the Comstock Load. It was built in 1920 and was shut down in 1926. For a while it was the largest concrete structure in the world. We didn't see any no trespassing signs so we stopped by to take some pictures.

Craig taking a cruise through the Mill. To bad the taggers have been so active here, there is a lot of history in this mill.

We parked the bikes and took a quick look around.

There are several underground tunnels that run beneath the main Mill site. Here Mark is checking one out.

While we were there we ran into this group of High School students who were skipping school to play paint ball for the day. They were from the nearby city of Carson City.

Looking down into the main mill site. It goes down several levels.

Looks like this old elevator shaft has been used as a chimney for a LONG time. LOTS of party's have taken place here.

Looking back up.

Tunnels beneath the main floor.

Another part of the mill.

The foundations for the cyanide tanks.

Taken on the way out of the mill site.

After checking out the mill we headed into Virginia City to get something to eat and fuel up the bikes.

Took this picture of this modern mill on the way into town.

The Historic town of Virginia City NV. This town has so much history in it, I'm going to have to return here some day when I have time to check everything out.

We had lunch at this great BBQ place, The food was Awesome!

Craig enjoying his BBQ Sandwich.

After lunch we fuel up again, earlier in the trip I was joking to mark about filling his bike up with Diesel to give it some extra kick...well at this station the Diesel nozzle wasn't colored green and Mark accidentaly topped his BRP off with 1.5 gallons of #2 Diesel! We all got a pretty good laugh over that one, his bike smoked a little after that and smelled like diesel but it still ran great. Oh well, the top end was plenty lubed anyways.

Miles: 336
Gallons: .8

After leaving Virginia City we headed south again. Our tracks would take us along an abandoned railroad for a ways....only problem is once we got to the tracks they have been returned to service for a scenic touring train. Hmmm...... Going to have to bypass this section.

I found this Ford Mustang emblem on the trail up out of the Virginia Hills area. Sweet!

We scouted a way around the defunk tracks and after a few wrong turns we were headed south again.

We didn't make it to far out of town when we stopped to chat for a minute. When I took off the rear of my bike felt really loose. I stopped and looked down and.....Yep. Flat!

The Ol Nail in the tire routine.

Luckily when I stopped and noticed the flat there was a board along side the trail that would work just perfect for a tire lift.

One thing great about being the guy with the camera is you can get your friends to work on your tire while you are taking the pics

After about 20 minutes the tire was patched and we were back on the trail. It was starting to get late and we were wanting to make it to a hot springs for the night. We plotted one out on the GPS that we could make and headed out.

Here we arrived at the Hot Spring to find it on private property and a big No-Trespassing sign on the fence. Hmmmm. The wind was blowing at a pretty good clip and the air had a certain nip to it, we talked it over and decided to head to Yerington NV to get another hotel for the night.

We made it to the hotel and got the rooms. There was a race getting ready to start and the hotel was packed with Baja trucks. Lot's of money in this parking lot!

The bikes all snug for the night

Mark's and Alan's piggys were smelling a bit like gas tonight so they were plugging all the holes in the bike they could find. We got several good laughs over that one.

The BRP Beverage Dispenser.

Another great day on the trail!

Total miles so far: 425 Miles
Hrs on Bike: 78.8

LOTS more to come

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