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Originally Posted by hilslamer
I might take this chance to chime in and summarize: it doesn't matter. Change it often! And keep a fresh filter in place! That's what matters.
Exactly how I would have answered this, thanks Tim. Agreed, the oil has 0.1% to do with the condition of the engine. I've ran everything from mineral oil to fully synth, 0W40 through 20W60 grades (depending on conditions), whatever I can get my hands on and cheap. With mineral, changed it every 2K miles, with fully synth, changed it every 5K miles. On a long trip, left fully synth in before up to 8K miles, no worries.

Without turning this into another oil thread, the answer is simple, run what you like as long as it is the correct grade for the conditions you are riding in. Change it as per the book (less for mineral oil) and always remember......ride it like you stole it

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