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In search of exciting mountain roads in the OK and AR National Forests!

Hey Guys! I just got back from riding some cool roads in the national forests and mountains of OK and AR! This is my first trip for the year and I am already getting excited to go out again! My F800GS is definitely turning out to be exactly the bike I wanted it to be.

Iíve got a bunch of pictures here and a few maps. I tracked myself through my new SPOT page and my Garmin 276C GPS. Iíll tell you the Garmin is really awesome. This is by far my favorite and most powerful GPS to date. Not only did it record my entire route very closely but itís helped navigate on the fly, get out of sticky situations and plan future trips.

Since Iíve got the tracks and the SPOT I can tell accurately where each picture was taken. Please send me a PM if you would like a copy of the tracks or more info on any of the pictures!!!

Lets start off with a map of the route, these are my actual tracks for the whole trip.

This is a close-up of the day two riding in the Ozark National Forest.

For this trip I was supposed to go with my buddy Chris (child is his name on this site) who has a KTM 640A but he had family obligations at the last minute. I decided I would go ahead myself since I planned to be completely self-sufficient anyways. While we were planning the trip we practiced up at an off-road park near the Red River on the border of TX and OK. This was definitely helpful to get my confidence up on the bike and get us both in the mood for some tricky trails.

To see a backwards helmet cam video from Chris that shows me riding the F800GS in some tight trails at the off-road park check out this thread:

Let me introduce you to my ride! This beautiful beast is set to go and ready to haul up to the mountains!

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