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I am very familiar with these types of roads… Gravel, flat, strait, super fast and looong. These are the Texas back-roads, the endless grid of dirt you can find off the highways and in your backyard. Unfortunately many of the interesting roads have been closed or are on private property. I am constantly searching for new roads close to DFW and I’ve probably ridden most of them already.

Here is my GPS, well worth the effort and money to set this baby up. This picture was made to remind me about this road… It dead-ends at my pointed into a completely overgrown wilderness (I guess the lonely people who live on this road only travel in one direction) but it doesn’t seem to be fenced off. So if you have some time and bug spray this might be interesting.

Always a pleasure to find roads like this, less used and not maintained by the county or state. In Texas at least there usually are fences on both sides, where I am heading I

The roads can be quite sublime though, especially when they are just perfect! I know my friend Chris is adverse to traveling long distances cross-country but this is what he is missing!

So I stop at this gas station as I enter into Oklahoma, my gas gauge indicates 20 miles to empty and I knew I shouldn’t tempt fate below this point.

I could have sworn the F800GS is rated for 4.2 gallons of useable fuel!? Either something is going on here or I was truly running on fumes as I pulled up.

I head out into OK and come across a cool bridge.

I try my hand at a couple at speed shots. This is much harder than it looks!!!

Props to the peeps who can perfect these shots!

Getting into some deeper side roads, never know what is around each corner! I think a lot of these have been newly graded to prepare for summer.

Finally! The beginning of the really interesting roads! This is the famous Talemina Scenic Drive (State Highway 88).

From the Google Earth image you can see I stay on this road for a little bit but then take off on an offshoot where there is interesting dirt to be found!

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