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Now we are getting somewhere! I bet 99% of the people on this road never notice this side road. I had it in the back of my mind the whole week, the first mountain dirt for the trip.

Descending the mountainÖ

First (and very easy) water crossing of the day! I had heard rumors of slimy river crossings but this one was fine. Beautiful area, beautiful day, what more could you ask for?

I almost ran over these fellas! Who ever heard of fish road hazards!?

Here is where I get to the scenic-side-of-mountain roads I love. The mountains in this region extend for miles and miles as long ridges. The roads ride along the side of them and you usually have a steep slope on both sides. The shoulder on the right side of the track is just as steep as the wall on the left! And trust me, there are places you are almost vertical!

In case you are wondering where I am in the above picture.

Beautiful graded roads in the valley. On this road I stop to check out a party trying to un-stuck a 4 wheeler that is buried past the top of the tires. I offer medical supplies and tools if they need them, they donít and I go on. (sorry no pics)

I always offer help to people I meet because the karma may help me in my solo travels. I donít always take things easy and if the shit hits the fan you may need a helping hand.

These roads are fast!!!! They may be no challenge to most dual sport riders but I find them quite exciting especially when I pick the speed up. I find myself riding in 3rd and 4th gear most of the time making good time.

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