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Alright, back to the road. You know how I was saying I stop to pick up good karma where I can? This is where I use it all up.

I am riding like a bat out of hell on smooth roads with small hills on them. I am probably doing around 35mph when I crest over this hill (yes I know, stupid to ride faster than you can see) and I come to some deep ruts. I yell “oh shit!” in my helmet and hang on. My front tire gets caught in a rut and my rear is locked up and I almost go completely sideways… By some luck I manage to stay on the bike and come to a stop.

Shaking, I grab my camera, point it backwards and get a shot of the carnage. The dust hasn’t cleared from the top of the hill, you can see the surface (and the rut) that caught me by surprise on the left side of the photo in the sunlight.

After that I take it a little easier but soon come to some more cool roads and forget about the scare.

A quick bridge picture is always fun! This particular road had a bit of 4x4 traffic that was throwing up dust but I put up my own dust storm keeping the pace up.

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