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new!!!,,,YamahaSuper Tenere vs BMW tubeless wheels

thanks to gadget boy's heads-up and link regarding the above news...

i followed up on it and here's the verdict;

Hooray,,another version of samo samo tubeless technology taken straight from the 30 year old tubeless rear wheel of Alpina and other trials machines.....

essentially a rim with flange/s extruded into it from whih spokes are threaded and head toward the hub to be tightened/trued via nipples in the hub...Akront alled it ''con nuervio'',,,honda used the same flanged rim concept on their 'comcast ' tubeless wheels in the early '80s,,,'cept Honda used sheet metal spokes riveted to both sides of the flange and then bolted to the hub.

in this case what is interesting is Yamaha's solution to creating the necessary triangulation in the front rim.....when you have dual dis brakes and the caliper pots are on the large side you can get by with this in ast wheels ,,,unfortunately,,,spoke wheels work better when you have wider triangels..visualize a radio antenna with supporting guy wires not far from the base ,,,it wouldn't be stable,,so ya have to move em further out,,same for the wheel...

what yamaha did was add an extra flange in the front rim so that they ould then X-lace the spokes from left flange of rim to right flange of hub and vice versa,,,same principle as BMW's process...voila it should get the job done

and it looks like this:

South Africa had the media launch of the new XT1200Z Super Ténéré earlier this week. They invited me along as a representative of our local Adventure Forum, the Wilddogs.

This is an unprecedented step for any manufacturer, it says a lot about their confidence in the product.

Keep in mind here that I am not a journalist and will not attend any further launches, so I am free to give my opinion be it good or bad. In fact, quoting from the original invite “he/she must be prepared to write an objective as possible ride impression on the forum for the benefit of the forum members”.

Well, I'll do just that. Let's get to it.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but beauty was not the first thing I thought of when I saw the bikes lined up. From the pictures I also got the impression that it is a huge bike, but in the flesh, it did not look so daunting.

Some of the design that grates on the eye is the exhaust and the plastic heatshield that covers it.

If I had one of these I would swop that exhaust can out for something more streamlined asap. Currently there are no after market cans available, because we are only the second country to launch the Super Ten. The USA do not even know yet whether they will be getting the Super Ten.


With a 1200 twin motor, the Super Ten joins the ranks in the Big Traillie class. With the KTM 990 leading the pack in the sporting traillies and the GS Adventure in a class of it's own in the super tanker division, the Super Ten is aimed squarely at the BMW R1200GS, the king of the touring traillies.

When I originally bought my GS the main motivating factors for me was 1- tubeless and 2- shaft drive.

Now both the GS and the Super Ten share these features as well as more;
 1200 twin cylinder engine
 shaft drive
 tubeless spoked rims
 similar suspension travel
 same wheel sizes.


Browsing around the bike, checking out the details, it's immediately clear that Yamaha used the GS as a benchmark and tried to improve on it.

The Super Ten comes with wide pegs and removable rubber inserts standard. That's how it should be, if you make a bike that is going to be applied off sealed roads, then it should have wide pegs to stand on.

The shaft drive have the more conventional double sided swingarm, with the control arm at the top, out of harms way.

This allows for carrier bearings to be fitted both sides of the wheel. I expect this design to be more reliable than BMW's single sided swingarm. On a single sided swingarm the bearing has to deal not only with the normal stresses but also the directional stress, by having to keep the wheel straight. Time will tell I suppose.

The tubeless, spoked rim is designed differently to the BM's. Even the front and rear is different to each other.

holler if ya want me to edit the guys report,,sorry,,am on a strange lap-top and am having difficulty cutting and pasting stuff,,i'll be back in denver 18th,,gotta celebrate my granddaughters 7th b-day,,woody
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