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The next day I spent exploring the Ozark National Forest. I love this forest because there is all type of terrain and lots of cool roads. Here is a sign on the highway leading into the forest.

Then we get on some National Forest Roads…

Does anyone know where these roads go? Most of them are not on the map and almost all of them are closed with these gates. I’m assuming these are fire roads but some of them look really fun!!

Those fire roads appear as tiny trails off the sides of the main roads. I wiz by seemingly hundreds of these small trails and inspect a few. This one leads me to a gate and a nice camp site. I log the camp site on my GPS, intending to use this remote site later. I think during the trip I logged about 10 potential camp sites that were semi cleared with fire rings etc. No facilities of course!

Riding up the awesome mountain roads, I take a look back. I feel these ridge roads are helping me prepare for some serious riding when I get to Utah and Colorado!

I come across a small trail leading off the main road. It’s not on the maps but it is noticeable more traveled and right on top of the mountain! I am sure I have seen this in previous ride reports and I take a picture at the bottom before powering up the rocky trail.

At the top I am sure I have seen this in other ride reports. This look-out point is famous and hell of a lot of fun to get to!! There are a couple fire pits and a couple small slabs of concrete (who knows what they were originally?… This is a place I would camp if the conditions were right, definitely could get windy up here!

This is where I am on Google earth (camp 4+). Sorry the image is so poor, I expected better from Google!

So I also uploaded a picture from my MapSource… This should get you there easily if you search for these roads in the picture.

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