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Hey everyone, just an update on my situation.

After thinking I fixed the problem, it turns out in fact that I have not. The generator light shines half dim now. After checking the brushes again we decided to replace one that may get stuck, but to no avail the bike still will not charge properly.

When we put the voltmeter on the battery, it does eventually climb up to 13.2 volts but it takes an awfully long time.

Also, with the lights on, the headlamp will not get brighter with increasing revs.

So this is what we have checked done so far:

-The thing with the little class connection (connects battery with the charger, forgot the name! sorry!) near the battery was cleaned of corrosion.

-The battery is a new working battery

-The brushes have been checked and one that may have given trouble has been replaced.

-The coils of the alternator have all been checked and they are fine.

-The diode box has been checked and is in working order.

-The regulator is an old one, the origional!

So we think its the regulator. can this be? Is there anything else that can explain the above mentioned symptoms?

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