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Back on the road, I continue into uncharted territory. I had received several maps and guidance from native Arkansas adventure riders (thanks guys!) and I had a lot of fun riding those roads in the past year. This time I decided to take fate in my own hands and follow some interesting roads that spider-webbed across the Ozark National Forest.

CO 5211 (FS 1005) starts out nice and fun.

You can tell itís been raining, this puddle is not that bad. I take a second to judge my line and decide to take the long and strait groove on the left-center of the picture.

Things get more hairy as I continue. It becomes readily apparent that this is not solo noob on giant F800GS territory. If my friend Chris would have been with me Iím sure we would have charged ahead and helped each other over the obstacles. I stopped in the road in an in-opportune place and explored ahead on foot. The further I got the more rugged the terrain. I think you would need a modified truck or a lighter bike to get through this road. I had to turn aroundÖ

This is where I am when I have to turn around (3D) Looks like I was about to crest over the hill but when I was in the think of the forest I had no idea of what was ahead.

This is the same shot in the 2D view from my GPS. Oark is in the bottom right of the picture. You can try your luck at this road yourself. If you can make it on a large adventure bike please let me know how you did it and I wish to try again next time!

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