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On the detour route I find a cool old barn that is about to give up it’s structural integrity.

While deciding which way my GPS is guiding me I run into a logging camp. The road leading to this was much more traveled than the actual road I was trying to follow so I doubled back to quickly regain my intended tracks.

I stopped rather quickly to take a drink and check out the clouds. I didn’t notice this guy until I was about to take off again. I think he was hoping I wouldn’t see him and he was frozen in place on the side of the road. I probably noticed no less than 5 of these box turtles throughout the trip crossing the dirt roads.

I proceed down an absolutely beautiful road that has not been maintained and really feels like an adventure. With the rain quickly approaching and scattered showers there were small rivers running through this road and it was apparent the soil was washing away. I think this road will be gone soon and it is a great adventure for any rider! Please go see this if you are in the area. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the road because I was concentrating on getting through before the rain hit (it seemed unsafe to be caught on this road during a rain). This is a GPS location of the middle of the road (CR-65)

At the base of the road I was rewarded with a beautiful creek crossing. This was not difficult but it was a genuine shallow rocky creek! I don’t get to do this very often so it was a fun memory.

I got out to the main road and it began to rain hard…

Some of the back-roads quickly developed slick areas.

A concrete creek crossing that was not slick and still fun on this road.

Down at the bottom of CR-311 things got hairy. I was sure I had seen this road in previous ride reports and the same puddles were forming. This time it was actively raining and I knew I was in for a ride!

While the above puddle was no big deal… this stopped me in my tracks. You can’t see the ledge in the picture but there is about a 1-2 foot sharp drop before you encounter the puddles that my bike would have high-centered on. When I am solo I don’t like to pass over obstacles I might not be able to come back over so I have to turn around for the second time of the trip… (CR-311)

On the way out I stop to take a picture at an awesome rock formation that I had missed coming down.

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