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So after getting out of Cr-311 I felt the full force of the rainstorm that was traveling across AR. I take a quick picture with my waterproof camera (the same one all these pics come from) and a couple huge Goldwings with trailers pass by at the same time. Of course all the Harley riders were huddled under any available shelter as the Goldwing riders and I pass through towns.

I talk to a native at a remote gas station and he reassures me the path I want to take is good. I am very glad that I don’t give up in the rain and I keep going on the planned route.

I don’t think you can avoid the amazing creeks in this region, they are sublime.

This view catches me by surprise so I take a picture. Survivorman on the Discovery channel says you shouldn’t follow these high power lines because they can traverse dangerous terrain. In this instance it looks like there has been some clearing made for them.

These are my stats for the second day!

I take another picture of my tires… They are wearing quickly and I want to compare these to the Heidenau K60s I will install later.

You can see the noticeable wear over the day, even on dirt surfaces…

Rear after day 2:

Front after day 2:

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