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Seat Pan

There seems to be a lot of popcorn munchers out there...

I got some more work done on the tool tray, but it's still not finished yet. I made up some corner pieces to complete the cut-outs I needed to clear the frame. Here I have the first one tacked in.

After I got it all welded up I did a backyard hydrostatic leak test. This photo shows two cross tubes I added to make the sides more rigid and to work as part of the seat pan mount. They also make nice carrying handles.

I made up a single wide front mount that bolts to the R65 tank mount I now have welded on the frame, and two rear mounts that have slots that go onto the sub-frame cross tube as seen in the later photos.

I wanted to have a design that would have the seat, tool tray and battery theft proof with a single lock. My idea was to have the rear of the tray slide onto the sub-frame cross tube with the front of the tray elevated. The tray would then pivot around the sub-frame tube to bring the front down to its mount, and front would then be bolted to the frame. The seat covers those bolts, and then the seat will have a bracket of some kind (TBD) to allow it to be locked to the frame.

My solution will certainly work, but now that I have it fabricated I feel it could use some improvement. The rear mounts seem like they will wear fast and get sloppy. Also, there is too much side to side flexing of the tray so the rear mounts move side to side. I'll think about some way to improve it.

I have a Rick Mayer solo seat on my PD that I find comfortable on long rides so I decided to try to incorporate the same general shape into my seat, but on a much trimmed down scale. To start, I made up this seat pan template that could support the seat I'm thinking of.

I found this 16 gauge aluminum sheet from a discarded air conditioner cover or something that I thought I could use. I thought the alloy was 3003, but it seemed to crack easily when shaping it, so it might have been something harder. I laid out the sheet with a Sharpie pen.

The shape of the pan didn't allow me to shrink the material to form this corner so I cut out a wedge shaped section with the plan to weld the seam together. Here I have the seam tack welded. As I was shaping I didn't do any annealing, and some cracks resulted which are visible in this photo at the top of the seam. I welded up the cracks with the seam.

For added strength I made this 6061 under pan to weld onto the bottom of the seat pan.

Here it is welded to the bottom of the pan.

Here's the seat pan so far. Its a little difficult to see, but the photos show how I put both a lengthwise crown and a cross crown to stiffen up the top of the pan.

I'm really happy with the result of the tool tray and seat pan so far. Before I started on them I was wondering what I could do and wasn't quite so sure how to progress, but now they are almost finished with just a few more bits of work to do.

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