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Originally Posted by sonic578
Can anyone say how long a soaked shirt will last, even under a typical textile jacket as in the video? I guess the duration would depend on humidity as well?

I suppose the idea when riding distance would be to carry a water source to keep the shirt wet? But, dousing with water would tend to run down the skin and wet the inside. Has anyone used this approach to 'recharge' while riding?
When riding long distance you recharge the cooling system by running water down the inside of the sleeves. The fabric has a dual layer and the inside layer will pull the moisture off the skin and keep the skin dry. Watch the video and see how the fabric works.
Even when the fabric is wringing wet the inside will stay dry.

The dryer the air the less airflow you need to keep cool. Yes the cooling technique works in the higher humidity. You just have to run a little bit more air. You can chill yourself with this technique when it is 95 degrees out.
I use a water bottle with a push/pull cap to squirt water into the sleeves to recharge. I do NOT recharge while riding. It only takes 30 seconds to recharge the LDComfort Long Sleeve Shirt or Comfort Cool Sleeves.
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