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Originally Posted by dirtbound4Max
Ender ~ Dude,
You're in my old stomping grounds man! I grew up in Clarksville AR (graduated in 87, joined the military, still living abroad). My entire family still lives there and I think you may have driven past my Brothers house during your trip. He lives on Highway 21 in a town called Ozone. Did you pass through there? Anyway, the trails you travelled down were my "Backwoods drinkin', smokin', parkin' / makin' out, and general overall havin' a good time" roads. It was good to see that they're still muddy as hell!!!!!! Oh yeah, watch out for what lies behind those fenced-off trails. Most of them are owned by good ole boys with big damn shotguns. Not real sure but I think I may have even been neighbors with a few of the original cast of Deliverance...........

Just Sayin..................

That area sure is awesome! I did pass right by Ozone about 5 miles to the north of it. I bet you know some cool trails out there, my friend and I are looking for some challenges when he finally gets to go.

I'm always weary of closed gates especially because here in Texas they also mean guys with shotguns and I don't want to be casually riding along while a ranged trains his sights on me from horseback.

The sound of banjos must have been drowned out by the rumble of the F8 but I didn't stop when I came across any building in the middle of nowhere!
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