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The third day of the trip promised new and exciting terrain. I was headed back to Texas via forest roads I had never been on. This route would take me places I found on maps without recommendation and there is no telling what I will find.

This road looks promising… I am following power lines through the forest.

This road continued on for miles and miles, following the power lines. The trail was smooth and fast, a very exciting road.

Then… the power lines stopped at a small power station and the road immediately turned into this…

I was hesitant to go too much further but it had been many miles since I had turned onto this mountain road. I wanted to keep pressing further and I am very glad I did. This turned out to be the most exciting and interesting road of the entire trip! The grass came over my helmet in some areas and I was progressing in first gear for most of the time. If anyone is near this area please go ride this road!!! It is threatening to become overgrown and I can tell no one is driving it regularly. If you are in central Arkansas go see this!

Here is where I am on google earth… You can see where the points go from being spread out (3rd and 4th gear) to being bunched up (1st and 2nd gear). At this point the trail became overgrown and the real fun began.

This is where I am on google maps: (FS 67)

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