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So this is a continuation of the road, this is an ďopenĒ area where I was able to open it up in second gear. The tall grass had me guessing as to what lies beneath but on top of this long long mountain there are not many stones or holes. The trail was as smooth as I could hope for most of the way and my biggest concern was downed trees. Several times I came across downed trees and I vowed that I would cut them with my survival saw if I had to instead of turning back. All of the trees had a way around them so I was glad I didnít have to unpack.

The occasional puddle was no match for my bike! Didnít this trail know I had spent the last day in the pouring rain in valleys of the Ozark mountains!?!

Towards the end of this section things began to get surreal. I had spend a long time on this road crawling along and a site like this was unexpected. I dismounted, took off my helmet and had some quite time. Soon I would be back in the thick of things in Texas and I wanted to enjoy some time alone.

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