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WV Ride: Sunday June 13, 2010

I awoke at 5:00 and promptly rolled up my sleeping gear, packed my clothes, loaded the bike and broke camp. By 5:45, I was riding down the narrow back road up to the Highland Scenic Highway.

Quick Snapshot of the Williams River in the morning light.

I always liked Geology so I stopped over at Honeycomb Rocks. A must-see if you are on the highway. A couple local drunks recommended it to me in the past...but thats another story.

It was too dark so I set the camera to negative and this is what I got

The Highland Scenic Highway has a special quality when you are alone, pass no other vehicles and are afforded these views at 6:00AM

Then I drove into the pea soup fog again

Jamming to my music via Chatterbox XBI2 Bluetooth, the Wilco song came on with lyrics that began

"Maybe the sun will shine today
The clouds will roll away
Maybe I won’t be so afraid
I will understand everything has its plan
Either way"

Mornings like this make you happy just to be alive. Reached the terminus of the byway and turned right onto 39 toward Richwood. My first stop was the Falls of Hills Creek just a couple miles away.

First shot of the Upper Falls:

Fern Gully Anyone? (this pic has not been doctored)

Down the neat stairway

Hills Creek

On down a metal staircase and some more boardwalk takes you to the Middle Falls. Mist and blowing wind. Just awesome and all to my self

The Lower Falls are the largest so I continue on down only to be met with this unfortunate sign. Blast!

Oh well, back up for a cup of coffee, trail mix and banana.

After enjoying the walk back up to the bike, I pack my cooking gear away and set off for the New River Gorge Bridge. I had been before but I recall Eric and Gale mentioning it yesterday and there was the off chance that I'd meet up with them

Just before the bridge, it began to sprinkle. It then began to rain hard and the fog rolled in. This was the view I had of the Largest Arched Bridge in the Western Hemisphere in the mist:

Chatted with a fellow at the visitor's center about my bike, stickers and how he wanted to go on a motorcycle ride someday. DO IT! I told him Departed in the heavy rain toward Babcock State Park. Stopped along the way to get gas and noticed this sticker. Ever wonder why WV Gas is so expensive?

Down to Babcock State Park and the Glade Creek Grist Mill

And in living color!

Ever see Stone Mill Pale Ale? (Organic Beer)? How cool is that

Then I set off toward the town or Rainelle. Ironically, it stopped raining in Rainelle The streets were lined with American Flags along much of the small Midland Trail (US60) towns

This guy looked interesting, he walked by twice and mumbled something to me through his cigarette...

I rode 60 and saved a turtle

Tired of the shitty pavement, patch work, sand and wet roads, I jumped on 64 and slabbed it the rest of the way home...

NOT! I just rode it to the Greenbriar State Forest where I decided to make some oatmeal by a small creek.

Always liked this neat one lane bridge with the cut-through for the creek

From here, I continued down 60 to Humpback Bridge just outside Covington, VA

Covington STINKS on account of the Mead West Vaco Paper Mill

So I high-tailed it up to the mountains to get away from that jazz. 220 is such a nice road through here

And a view of the 80ft. Falling Springs. Once it was 200ft but they mined lime for fertilizer and redirected the stream. I feel they ruined it.

Took a ride up 606 to Airport Road and decided to ride up to Ingalls Field only to find this sign. DAMN

But the Warm Springs Overlook is always nice

Then rode 606 down to Clifto Forge. Man is that one crazy, tight, technical, weather-beaten stretch of pavement. Really fun but you gotta bring your "A-Game"

Then 64 to Bratton's Run and up into Goshen. Here is a nice shot of Mill Creek

Then enjoyed the quick shot up 42 to Churchville. Man! What is this!?!?!

Fire Dept. Cruise In, Chicken BBQ and Fund Raiser just ending.

Here are some car shots for all you motor-heads

I liked this one


HUGE engine

Nice eyes

And one of my favorites

From here, I shot up 42 with a stop over at Gimmeslack's. Marion was kind enough to provide me some fresh Mint Iced Tea. WOW did that hit the spot

Then I got a text from Eric saying he was in Elkton, so I made it from Weyers Cave to Elkton in 25 minutes (no easy feat ) But he had already left time buddy.

On my return trip to the Burg, I spy none other than...THE NEIGHBOR!

We chatted for about 5 minutes in the shade then went our separate ways. I had cleaning to do and a shower to take. Air Dry...
Washed the bike (as per usual after my ride) then stowed it in the storage unit.

Total mileage this weekend:

What a great ride! Looking forward to the next one...and the next one...and...

SMIB campout is coming up in two weeks so expect another nice RR from that. I may write a Honda Ruckus RR for next weekend if I don't head up to NOVA. Till next time...

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