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The grader is nowhere to be seen now along Rayhouse/Reiff Road (aka CR40). But grading activity has happened from the Davis Creek Reservoir all the way to the stone barn at Cache Creek (including leveling the house it appears). By looking at the tire tracks, it appears that the grader entered the area via the UC Davis Ecological Study area at the reservoir. No grading activity has occurred west of the reservoir to the county line (and locked gate). I also noted a lot of dirt tracked onto Knoxville-Berryessa Road at the entrance to the UC Davis study area. So it looks like the BLM got permission to get their equipment through the study area, probably because they needed better access to their study areas on the east ridge overlooking the reservoir.

The western gate is still locked closed. I emailed the Assistant Director of Public Works for Yolo County and got this response:

"That is a good question, county operations crews locked all winter gates open earlier this spring, and we do not have the time or reason to close any road gates.

I am surprised to hear that a gate on a non maintained road is locked.
I am also wondering who and why someone other than the county (who is required by Board of Supervisor resolution) would lock these seasonal gates closed.

Your guess is as good as mine. I will try to find out who locked the gate after I return on June 22."
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