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more pics from this weekend's ride

Originally Posted by HBurgNinja
I'm trying to turn my brain into a curve at a time...
Mike, Looks like you had a great ride on Sunday, and it also looked like we missed each other by minutes at the New River Gorge Bridge. Here are a few more pics from Saturday, and a picture from the bottom of the Gorge on Sunday. As usual, you were an amazing guide and it was a pleasure to ride with you.

For those riding to West Virginia, I highly recommend Fox's Pizza & Motel in Brandywine, WV--$47 a room after tax. Gail's and my bikes outside the rooms just before HBN showed up:

Random View:

HBN and Gail on top of Spruce Knob observation tower:

View from the lower bridge in the New River Gorge:

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