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6-1-10....Day 7

We broke camp and headed down the road a few miles to the BuckBoard General Store in Smith NV to get fuel and something to eat.

Alan and Mark fueling up.

Unique mail box at the store.

Bike Took: 1.78 gallons
Total Miles: 986

After eating a quick bite we were on our way again. Quickly we were back into the trees and spent quite a bit of time riding on some great single track and in rocky canyons.

Here are a couple shots taken from the helmet cam footage.

This was a great trail, it would follow the creek and drop down into it once in a while. LOTS of rocks!

I was out front going down the canyon when I came around a bend and noticed a bunch of sheep heading our way! We shut down the bikes and watched as they drove hundreds of sheep up the canyon. Watching the sheep dogs work was pretty cool, they really keep the sheep moving in the right direction.

Panorama of the sheep in the canyon.

After we popped out of the canyon we headed down towards the town of Carson City NV. Whats this structure?

Another old mining operation. These look like some kind of brick/rock furnace. Not sure what they were mining/smelting here?

We filled the bikes again in Dayton NV and headed to the Subway across the street to get some lunch. Made a few calls home and relaxed in the shade for a bit. While we were there a kid came up to us and said "Hey, aren't you the guys that was up at the old Comstock Mill the other day?" I said yep, turns out he was one of the kids that we took the picture of that was there playing paintball that day. Small world.

Bike Took: 1.3 gallons
Total Miles: 1039

Just leaving Carson City and heading into the mountains above Virginia City again. Had to stop and take this picture.

The valley near Virginia City.

Another fun rock filled canyon to play in

Reno NV off in the distance. We have a route planned around Reno this time so we can stay on dirt. Sweeeet!

Endless power line road.

We got to the bottom and noticed Mark was missing from the group. Craig headed back up to see what happened.

Uh Oh...there's the problem. He was ok just got a little sideways on a rock. Craig helped upright the beast and we were back on our way again.

At the bottom of the hill we came around a bend and found a couple wild horses grazing in a meadow.

We took a side trip up another canyon to check out some Indian Petroglyphs.

These were very cool! I wish I knew what some of them stood for back in their day.

Back on the trail.

We finally hit the road for a short while and ended up in Fernley NV for the night. We got a hotel, hit the showers, washed cloths and went next door for a great dinner.

Filled again just outside of Fernley NV.

Bike took: 1.379 Gallons
Total Miles: 1095

Alan and Mark topping off the BRP's with a home brew paper funnel.

ADV cloths line

Marks bike took a little damage from the rocky trails...but nothing a little duct tape and a few snap ties won't fix!

We had to wait quite a while to get the bikes into the room this time. The owner of the motel was up and walking around working on stuff till about 10:30. We finally checked and the coast was the bikes went.

Can't wait to hit the trail again tomorrow.

Total Miles so far: 1110
HRS on bike: 100.5

LOTS more to come!

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