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The Stuff

Other than modifying the bike to make the long trip, another big objective was to pack as light as possible. I researched and pondered many hours (probably too many) on what I was going to pack, and I have to say that I'm very satisfied with what I ended up with. We didn't have any cooking items because we decided we would just eat at any place that had food along the way.

So, what stuff did I end up packing with me? For starters, luggage:

I purchased Wolfman luggage peaces because they were designed to work together and designed specifically for motorcycles (and no…I’m not associated with them in any way, I just like their stuff). This luggage installs on the bike very neatly and is quick to load onto and unload off the bike. I didn’t buy any of the rain covers for the luggage peaces. Anything that I didn’t want to get wet I just put inside the dry bag or zip-lock bags. Wolfman luggage is absolutely worth the money to me.

Wolfman Front Fender Bag

Woflman Enduro Tank Bag

Wolfman Enduro Saddle Bags

Wolfman Enduro Duffel Bag (connects to the Saddle Bags)

Wolfman Expedition Dry Duffel Bag

Streamline Hydration Pack with 70 oz. bladder (has quite a bit of storage built in and is still a fairly small pack)

Tent Bag (I guess you could call it luggage)

Stock Tool Pouch with stock tools and some extra items inside

Cargo Net (for holding Jacket in place when not wearing it and keeping the rain suit easily accessible during threatening weather)

That covers everything luggage wise. Now the stuff inside the luggage:

Inside the Fender Bag:
Tire Spoons
Spare Front Tube
Patch Kit
Stockman Multi-Tool (very handy)

Inside the Tank Bag:
Motorcycle Registration & Proof of Insurance
Electrical Tape
Reading Glasses
Head-Mount Flashlight
Tire Gauge
Helmet Camera
12VDC to USB Adaptor
Mini 12VDC to AC Converter (for charging camera battery)
Cable for charging phone
Cable for charging helmet camera
12VDC GPS Charger
AC Battery Charger for Camera (plugs into AC Converter)
2 Bandannas (to help hide the helmet hair in restaurants)
Ear Plugs
1 Tube of Lock-Tite
1 Tube of Sun Block
2 Spare Chain Master Links
1 tube of Quick Steel
Spare Spark Plug
Micro Leatherman (Squirt P4)
Small Carabineer (for hanging flashlight inside tent)
Folded Maps for backup
Plastic Compass for backup
Most important…Toilet Paper!

Inside the Left Saddle Bag:
Two 1 Liter Aluminum Bottles for Fuel
Spare Rear Tube
First Aid Kit

Inside the Right Saddle Bag:
Two 1 Liter Aluminum Bottles for Fuel
Tire Pump
Spare Bungee Cord
(The aluminum bottles are empty alcohol bottles that I got from work, but they work great for fuel bottles)

Inside Enduro Duffel Bag:
Spare Extra Long Chain (extra long so to have extra links for chain repair)
Chain Breaker
2 Piece Rain Suit
Elbow Pads (stored inside when I was wearing my jacket)
(Tent Bag straps on top of the duffel bag)

Inside the Expedition Dry Bag:
Big Agnus Sleeping Bag inside stuff sack
1 pair of shorts
1 T-Shirt
1 pair of Sandals (flip-flops)
2 pairs of riding socks (non-cotton so they dry faster)
2 pairs of Underwear (non-cotton so they dry faster)
1 set of riding clothes (Pants, Jersey and Gloves)
1 pair of Waterproof Insulated gloves
1 set of thermals (bottom and top, non-cotton so they pack smaller and dry faster)
1 Jacket Liner
1 package of Wet Wipes (Wet Ones)
1 small bottle of Dawn dish washing liquid
(for washing clothes, body, hair and anything else, works great)
1 can of bug spray
T-Handle tool kit
1 toothbrush with plastic travel case
1 tube of toothpaste
1 stick of deodorant
3 mini cans of deodorant spray (Axe)
1 micro-fiber towel

Inside the Streamline Hydration Pack
70 oz. bladder
MP3 Player & Earphones
Cable for charging MP3 Player
AC Wall Charger for GPS
Various Snacks (Payday, Jerky, Peanuts, etc…)
Bottle of Ibuprofen
Zyrtec D tablets (I have allergies)
Small bottle of Visine
Extra SD Card for camera, video camera or phone
(I have one extra 1 Liter Aluminum Fuel Bottle that actually fits in the back pack if needed, but I didn't carry it this trip)

Inside Stock Tool Pouch:
Stock tool set
Valve Stem Core remover
Metric Allen Wrench set
7 Ty-Raps
Needle Nose Pliers
Short Crescent Wrench
Small bottle of lubricant
Spoke Wrench
4" Vise Grips
4 small alcohol wipes (for cleaning tubes before applying a patch, will be moved to fender bag)

Tent Bag:
Eureka Backcountry 1 Tent (including tent, rain fly, poles and steaks)
Homemade Footprint for tent (cut out to size from a cheap medium weight tarp)
Big Agnus Inflatable Sleeping Pad

And that's it. There wasn't anything more that I needed on the trip. But there are a couple of items that I will add for future trips. (1) Duct tape. I'm going to rap it around the tire tools (another trick I've learned from fellow inmates). (2) Small 6 oz. can of Bel-Ray chain lube. I have room for it and it sticks to the chain better than the 3-in-one oil.

Now that we had decided on what and how to pack everything were gonna take. We wanted to take a trial run to see if there was anything else we may need, somewhere close to home. And lucky for us, we were just in time to attend the SLAP 2010. A perfect opportunity to try out our setup completely, 3 days of adventure close to home, get to try out all the camping gear and everything else. So we went, had a blast and meet some great folks. Read the ride report HERE. Buy the way, I recommend attending SLAP 2011, it'll be fun.

We had four days after SLAP 2010 to get everything cleaned up and re-packed for the Eastern TAT. It was a busy four days, but we were ready. Day 1 of the trip coming soon!
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