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Pretty neat fix.

4 years after publication, this just fixed my pinging problem. I'm still gonna change the spark plugs for idium ones as it's due anyway. I can't believe this motor finally stopped making theses anoying grinding noises on acceleration at 100k km! Now, lets see if I can fix the vibrations and the thing that makes the motor run unevenly (even on cruise control, it accel and slow down in kind of a cycle motion).

Thanks for the fix Steptoe. Wish I understood what this remapping does exactly!

Originally Posted by Steptoe
Try this lnk in place of the CCP relay ( if you've one fitted)

The cost is pennies, takes a few seconds. So try it before spending lots of your hard earned cash.

I know i've posted this before -
But don't think the real bmw relay is anything special - here's whats inside


? Where we're going, we don't need roads.
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