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Originally Posted by Dudley
What weight can the stand support safely? Doesn't really matter as I checked on the weight of the 95 SE and went ahead and placed an order
Hey Dudley, your Trail Stand is on the way.

The Trail Stand itself is very strong, it is made entirely from steel, for instance the Hitch Pin type cotter pin, according to my somewhat conservative calculations, should take over 700 lbs to fail.
The cradle will bend down slightly with large loads but it stops when it touches together. What I can say is while I was lifting the rear wheel of my Husky TE610E I stood on the footpeg. I weigh about 205 (really) and I'm guessing about 50-70lbs of the weight of the bike. So I would say that a working weight of 250 lbs is a reasonable rating. Most of the weight of the bike will be on the wheel on the ground and the kickstand so remember if your putting 250 lbs on the stand then your lifting 250 lbs, I don't know about you but I wont be doing that anytime soon. I believe the failure point of the stand is significantly higher but if were talking a safe weight I would max it out at 250. I will do some more testing and update this figure as necessary.
I need to post a pic of me standing on the footpeg with the stand under me.
Thanks for your order!
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