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6-2-10.....Day 8

We were already topped off on fuel so we woke up early, packed the bikes, had a great breakfast at the restaurant beside the Hotel and then hit the trail again. After a short stint on slab we were back in the dirt again!

We stopped here for a quick rest. We noticed a trail going up the edge of a HUGE hill. Wow.

More desert flowers along the trail.

Hey what's this??

Whats left of a old Mining Mill Site. The equipment is long gone but a lot remains to be explored. Not sure of the history on this mill, but it was often common practice to remove all the equipment when the ore became non-profitable to work. There is a good chance the equipment that used to be here was moved to another mill site way back in the day. Very cool!

Looking back down towards the bikes.

Alan sitting up on top on his BRP.

Wonder what this was?

Craig standing next to some of the mill ruins.

This piece of glass was laying up on top, it was about 3/4" thick. Wonder what it went to?

Some kind of old metal tank and chute above the mill workings.

Not a lot left of the metal tank.

Standing up on top.

Our tracks would take us up the canyon above the mill ruins. Good chance we will see quite a few mine sites today, they didn't build a mill this big without a large volume of ore to process.

We left the mill site and continued up the canyon, wasn't very far before we came to the first mine.

Some kind of little shack, not sure what it was used for.

Looking back down the hill, some kind of old loading chute.

Just a little further up the road we come to a VERY large open pit mine.

A piece of the tailings laying around the mine site.

This little critter was hanging around the open pit as well.

Looking back down the valley from the open pit site.

Craig and I decided to head down and double back a bit to check out a few more relics while we were there.

A couple more Collapsing audits.

No way this is safe to enter. We'll have to settle for a picture at the opening.

Old rail tracks.

Whats left of an old outhouse.

We decided to check out this little shack. Is it a powder shack?

Nope it's a shed they used to store their core samples that were drilled about the area.

This little piece of tailing was sitting at the shed above.

With those mines looked at we headed up the canyon again. There was a lot of great riding here, fun stuff!

Looking back down the canyon that we just came up.

Shot of the mine workings that we are heading towards.

We waited here for Mark a few minutes and could neither see or hear him. Uh oh, better head back down and take a look.

There he is, he managed to get a little sideways on the rocky hill. We had him up and going again in no time.

Craig waiting at the top of the hill.

Here we are about to arrive at the mine at the top of the canyon.

Alan got a little sideways going around a corner here in the soft stuff, good thing I had the camera rolling LOL.

Here we arrived at the next mine site.

Hmmm...this looks interesting. We better check it out further.

Inside the mine shaft. We just went in as far as the entrance to take these pictures. Way to dangerous to explore this one.

After checking out the mine workings we rode some beautiful single track for a while.

Mark heading across the single track. This trail was awesome! High speed, felt like down hill skiing.

LOTS of pictures on today's post so I'll split it into two sections for Day 8.

Continued Below......

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