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Day- 8 Continued from above....

We stopped up on top to grab something to eat.

While we were sitting there eating lunch Alan asks Craig "What kind of souvenir is that you picked up" Craig decided not to keep it. Lol.

We started working our way back down to the lake bed through another canyon when we came across this cool rock formation.

Craig had to ride back up and try it again.

Just a little further down the canyon we came across these old school buses. By the looks of them they may have been used as camps or ??

OK...Everyone in the school bus for a picture.

Alan checking the bus out.

Taking one of the buses for a spin :-)

After checking out the buses we were back on the trail again. Hmmm...that looks like some sort of natural cave in the distance.

Better go check it out. Standing in the mouth of the overhang.

In the back of the overhang there is a little lava tube that you can crawl back into. Hmmmm.....

Some of the lava around the cave had cooled to a wild texture, this almost looked like coral.

Craig standing in the entrance.

And checking out some more lava formations.

Alan and Mark showed up so we yelled down to them to bring up a flashlight so we could check out the lava tube passage. Here Alan is grinding his way up to the cave.

And into the tube we go.

It was HUGE once you got inside. There was an old wooden ladder that would take you up over a rock formation and then the cave kept going. Unfortunately it smelled like bat urine so bad inside that you about gagged. We didn't spend much more time inside exploring.

Back outside again we walked around a bit checking out the cool lava flows ect. There were a couple more smaller entrances to yet another cave and someone had taken the time to stack a little rock wall around them. Hmmm....

The lava flow on this section looked like it had scales.

Back on the trail again...lots of wide open nothing. I LOVE IT!!

The trail started following some power lines, it was a fast section and we were hauling the mail. Fun Stuff! Here Craig is catching some air over a roller.

Soon we came to one of the many closed gates on the trip. Usually they just have a sign on them saying to please close the gate after you pass. Here Craig got off his bike to open the gate and found some old horse bones laying about in the brush.

We were sitting there and I thought, hey that could be the original Adventure Rider neck brace. We decided that we better try it on for size.

Mark in his "Modern" neck brace.

And with the robust cave man neck brace on. The fit is great! Look for a full review of the "Strong as a Horse" neck brace in the future from Mark. LOL

Craig hung he bones up on the barbed wire fence so other riders could see it better and wouldn't plow into it at high speed.

Soon we arrived back in Gerlach NV for fuel. We topped off here grabbed a bite to eat again at Bruno's and headed to Trego Hot Springs for the night. The wind had kicked up and there was a sand storm brewing out on the playa.

Bike took: 2.833 Gallons
Total Miles: 1238.0

We soon arrived at Trego Hot Springs and got camp set up for the night. Hot Springs here we come!

It was windy and dusty out on the playa. Here Alan is playing with his sleeping bag wind sock.

Couple shots of camp for the night....home sweet home.

With all the dust in the air the goggles helped to get camp set up without getting a bunch of crap in your eyes.

This sign is posted next to the springs.

The Hot springs. The spring is made from a ditch that the railroad dug to get the hot spring away from the tracks that run right along side the springs.

And the source of the hot springs. This spring is pretty weird, the hot and warm water don't want to mix so you get about a inch of the top water that is boiling hot and the rest under it is warm. It feels great as long as you keep slightly moving to keep the hot water stirred up, if you stop moving for a minute it gets VERY hot quick.

Train passing by the springs.

We all headed into the springs for a soak. Felt great!

People have taken the mud from the hot springs and made faces along the banks.

Alan decided people pay really good money back in the city to get a mud treatment so he'd try it out for free while we were here.

Just playing around with the camera a bit..

And a nice camp fire to finish off an amazing day.

Total Miles so far: 1261

Lots more to come!

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