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rite up draft part 1

Originally Posted by GrahamD
i think
Write up draft Part 1

Yup, there are some niggles, where i think Yamaha really made dumb decissions if you think of the ever complaining Beemer Boy's, like the edge protector at the underside of the tank,it is technicallie better than de exposed edge of de GS tank, but it *looks* verry Edsel :-)

Bit riding it was the studpidest thing i ever did, there is no way back, i need MONEY, wads of it now, pronto. now i understand why Jeroen Termaat was laughing every time we telephoned to get our calander fixed on a date.

And boy what a day it was, bright sunny, nice sidewind to chalenge the stability of the new contender, and as the built in Thermometer of the display said in even in bright sunlight perfect readable font, 26 degrees Celsius.
So Tarmac being nice and rippy, and tires warmed up in a jiffy.

So put on yer helmet, don't be nervous, here you change TC, and there you choose riding mode, GOOOO !

Man that engine is a dream, where the R12GS sounds like a oldfashioned diesel with a nasty near detonation undertone in the engine sounds, the Tenere sounds ssssso sweet just tikking over, douk-douk...douk-douk...douk-douk like an old harbour tug in the distance, and then you slowly pop the clutch, and it just goes douk-douk...douk-douk...douk-douk in a slightly more pronounced tone like an old harbour tug in the getting near, and leaves port.

You get a feeling like there is a giant flywheel hidden in the machine keeping it upright, but then when you shift your weight a little on the pegs, and it responds like the forementiond Frisian, it willingly and eager changes course, and every thought of harbour Tug melts away.
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