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Originally Posted by JR356
Give them a call,would not hurt to ask if you can get the promo,since you just bought them.

I did, and guess what showed up at my door today!

The cases are awesome, and I got the liners now!

Originally Posted by Micatech
We're putting them through the ringer now. Waterproofness is a key attribute that must be accomplished. Initial testing is looking good. Are there any specific photos you're interested in?

The pricing is yet to be determined. How much do you think the Roof Rack should cost? Yes, we really do want to know what you think. There’s no wrong answer—just say what’s on your mind and we’ll see what everyone has to say. Feel free to provide a specific number, a range, or any general input on price and value.
I'd drop $50 with no regrets.

Originally Posted by Gadget Boy
I like those roof racks.. multi purpose and the drink holders are a nice touch!

If I were ordering a new set of V2's would you be able to weld them on prior to powder coating the cases?
Yeah, I'd like to know about the welding as well. Even though I don't have that option anymore...

Thanks Micatech! I'm loving my new gadgets!
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