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["The only thing I need (want) is the break apart ratchet. Anyone know where I could source this out?"]

["I am not sure why that kit is $199"]
Chinese toolkit here for $19:
Crartsman version of the above for $40 is U.S.A made, also has zipper case. Best sockets are thin-walled like snap-on, proto, Mac, are 6 point with maybe an extra 12 point 10 mm, but a full set of premium sockets isn't necessary for the road. Found that it was best to buy individual sockets and spanners sized for specific tasks. Kept track of specific tools used for service then included those in custom road kit.

Forged aluminum like the Motion-Pro stuff is worth the bucks. Up to 90 ft-lbs torque. Was looking at their forged Al long tire spoons w/6 point spanner box ends. Nice. Anybody work for NASA? Group buy on a titanium kit?

Chinese bits and spanners damage fasteners, are available for $1 and not worth that much. The wrenches are polished by child slave labor and the kids are fed only meager servings of tofu once every 12 hours. Snap-on on ratchet head is dam nice but we use 1/4" drive the most. Instead prefer to carry good breake/Tr bars and cheap modular ratchet drivers on the road. Anybody know if forged AL t-bars are available? Would be interested in Snap-On wrenches but only the Harley DavidsonŠ branded ones (smile).

Best Snap-on product:
has (had) a really strong hex bit set and single mating socket driver. Saves on carrying the individual he/torxx bits set in their own heavy sockets. However, you only need the higher strength in the larger bit sizes. Small fasteners not so much. I have only seen the compact Snap-On hex bit set once. Would buy it in a heartbeat because it saves much weight by eliminating individual socket drive bases yet still capable of very high torque. Otherwise just use Vermont American or other high grade bits and carry the lager size bits set in the 3/8" dive sockets. Rectangular rubber bit blocks keep the bits organized.

edit for link: JurgenB said: "I happen to prefer the Made in Germany stuff (Hazet brand)."
+ 10: Hazet wrenches are light, thin and strong and just the right length as any airhead rider knows. They are the one thing that I would buy at the BMW dealer if I could not find elsewhere. Check fleabay and bone yards. OEM on older Mercedes too.

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