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Casting my pearls before swine, in Colorado.

It seems like she resists short weekend day runs more than multi-week cross country trips. I might be imagining things but she seems to understand that sometimes, a man has to migrate. I know that some women might feel this urge too, but it’s easier to talk in my voice. I don’t know about you, but seasonally, I get a strong urge to travel, camp, watch wildlife and drink beer. Scoff all you want, I still think there is a primitive thing in man to travel and drink beer. It goes way back. I got the bacon thing too, but it’s down the list for me.
My wife thinks it’s crazy but she does know that I have to ramble a few times a year. We have been married a long time and she knows my ways. She gets a wan smile that borders on indulgent as she pets on me the night before I leave. Tonight, it’s close to Father’s day, so I get a favorite meal and a nice beverage. Rack of lamb medium rare, baked potato, a salad with blue cheese, and Van Winkle 12 on ice.
I leave for Colorado in the morning from Virginia. Three days to the Springs, then ten days of riding before I start back.

I ain't a going without my hog, my gun, my whisky and my Bible.

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