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Rain, Fog, Cold, and the Wrong Helmet

I cross the new bridge next to the old bridge at Cameron, AZ.

I stop to gear up for the rain on a section of the old highway that sometimes parallels the new highway.

I figure I should get the rain gear on, even though it's warm and dry. I'm apparently heading towards a storm.

I suffer for another hot 30 minutes or so in the rain suit before the rains come. On the approach to the Kiabab Plateau the skies looked clearer to the south end of the plateau. I had planned to camp near Jacob Lake, but it was raining pretty good there when I gassed up. I decided to head closer to the park entrance hoping the rain would stop.

It was dark, cold, rainy, and foggy. To make matters worse I'm wearing the wrong helmet. I wore my old Nolan Flip-up because I can shoot the DSLR without removing the helmet. I didn't bring the pin-lock insert to prevent fogging(it never worked anyway). I have to ride with the shield cracked open. Visiblilty is bad as water gets on both sides of the visor and fogging is still a problem. The rain and cold hitting my face causes my eyes to tear. This is not good. I must ride slow and be extra vigilant for deer.

I should have worn my old Scorpion. That thing NEVER fogs.

I make it to Forest Road 22 just north of the National Park Entrance. I run a mile off Highway 67 and find a camping spot. The rain has let up allowing me to set up camp in the dry. It was about 10 PM when I crawl into the tent.

If the rains hold off I'll get up at 3:30 to ensure I get to the North Rim in time for sunrise photos. Then I'll spend the morning riding out to Point Sublime. I then planned to eventually make it over to Toroweap for sunset tomorrow.
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