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this is tom on joel's computer.....

everything's ok, i'm fine, i just got done riding almost 150 miles today.

the doctors "strongly recommended" that i wouldn't ride today, but i've made somewhat of a career of proving doctors wrong. i gotta thank mootsuno (dean?) and vern for the trailside e.r. service, they got me patched up great and somehow vern was carrying "boo-boo" medication which, while it got me a bit woozy, also got me through the next few hours before i was stitched up. (11 stitches)

the worst thing at the doctor's was the anti-biotic shot to the rear end, and was by far the most painful thing of the whole event.

anyways, i couldn't have picked a better group to go and hurt myself with, everyone was very helpful (not sympathetic, cause they knew i deserved it) but a big thank you to everyone involved.

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