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Originally Posted by h8chains
this is tom on joel's computer.....

everything's ok, i'm fine, i just got done riding almost 150 miles today.

the doctors "strongly recommended" that i wouldn't ride today, but i've made somewhat of a career of proving doctors wrong. i gotta thank mootsuno (dean?) and vern for the trailside e.r. service, they got me patched up great and somehow vern was carrying "boo-boo" medication which, while it got me a bit woozy, also got me through the next few hours before i was stitched up. (11 stitches)

the worst thing at the doctor's was the anti-biotic shot to the rear end, and was by far the most painful thing of the whole event.

anyways, i couldn't have picked a better group to go and hurt myself with, everyone was very helpful (not sympathetic, cause they knew i deserved it) but a big thank you to everyone involved.

Good to know that a gaping vagina sized gash on your arm didn't keep you from riding. Of course you couldn't put any elbow pads on today either because they would have gone right over your wound. Hopefully you took it easy on some of the harder intermediate stuff today. You are truly an animal.
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