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Pissed Rant!

Entering the park you can see where the wet roads end.

I decided to check out the conditions of Point Sublime Road. This road was closed last June supposedly for deadfalls. I REALLY want to make it out there on this trip.


I tried to find information on whether this road would be open prior to leaving for this trip. There is very little information on this road on the parks website. I called the "Weather and Road Conditions" hotline, a long distance call. After pushing buttons I get a recording. After several minutes of a detailed weather report (Which was WRONG) the recording ended and the line went dead. I assumed this means there are no road closures! I ask the fee collector at the entrance booth and even she had NO IDEA if the road would be open!

What gives NPS? You have no problem collecting all of those fees, but can't keep a short road open, or at least inform the public when you decide to restrict the use of our land? A few miles away the roads in the National Forest are in perfect condition. Not ONE DEADFALL!

RANT OVER. Time for a new plan.
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